Mentoring Programs Underway

2017 has been an amazing year for The Louis Zamperini Foundation!  We have steadily worked alongside mentoring programs which reflect Louis' life of faith and hope in Christ. From our involvement with 'The Princess and The Police Officer',  Forest Home Neighborhood Day Camp, Youth Correctional Facilities, Sunburst Youth Academy, Royal Family Kids and beyond. . . We have provided at-risk, imprisoned and broken youth with the donation of books, Bibles, and one on one mentoring. We have had the privilege of working with multiple Inner City Programs and their Community leaders, providing kids with opportunities for positive role models, and the inspiration of our Founders' story.  All that we do is with the goal of sparking HOPE through the gospel to those who need it most. As Louis loved to say "Oh Golly! Just give the kid a chance!"  

It is our privilege to do just that. Provide Hope and a Path to Forgiveness and Redemption to these precious kids in need of Faith, Hope and Love. . .

Three things will last forever~Faith, Hope, and Love~and the greatest of these is Love~

1 Corinthians 13:13

Luke at Ventura County Correctinal.jpg

Luke Zamperini sharing with inmates at Ventura County Youth Correctional Facility.