Our mission is to transform the lives of young people through character building instruction and self-discovery: with the goal to provide hope, instill resilience and demonstrate forgiveness, while developing compassion and empathy for others.

Character-Building Content Immersive Methodology Collaborative Interaction Transformative Results

This dynamic new learning experience teaches high school students to emulate the life skills of Olympian and World War II hero Louis Zamperini in building character, overcoming adversity and resolving interpersonal conflicts.

Its five year public school pilot program demonstrated a significantly heightened level of student-to-student empathy and bonding that drew in even at-risk and “lone wolf” students.  Anecdotal evidence indicates a reduction in bullying and overall school violence, and a newfound cohesiveness among students.

• For over 65 years, the incredible story of Louis Zamperini has provided youth with a ‘real-life’ example of overcoming hardship  through a transformed life providing kids with HOPE. To quote one 14 year old student, "Your story resonates with me so much because it is the story of life after hardship, forgiveness after pain, belonging after losing oneself. Whenever I am in a tough situation, I will ask myself, 'What would Louis do?'"

• We are continuing to bring Louis’ story to youth today by reaching students in public and private high schools as well as at-risk youth in Foster Care programs, Youth Correctional Facilities the National Guard Youth Challenge Program, and Inner City Camp Programs.

• The unique nature of Louis’ story…Troubled Youth, Olympian, Survival-at-Sea, POW, and rescue… captivates today’s youth...opening their minds to the saving message of redemption, transformation, and forgiveness. 

Luke Zamperini addresses a group of students at Sunburst Youth Academy, 2019.

Luke Zamperini addresses a group of students at Sunburst Youth Academy, 2019.

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Luke sharing his fathers message of HOPE at the Ventura County Youth Correctional Facility in California.

The chapel was filled with attentive hearts and minds, fully open to hearing the life changing story of redemption. This story captures youth in an unparalleled way!


Luke and Lisa in the classroom with World Geography teacher Heather Fuller. Luke displays the graph diagramming the students conversations at the Round Table discussion of Unbroken. This graph gives teachers the ability to recognize participation as well as acknowledge and encourage those less likely to share! This is designed to leave NO STUDENT out of the conversation!

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Your contributions ensure life changing experiences for our youth!  Every dollar helps provide access to books, curriculum, day camps, mentoring, and a path to redemption!

Louis Zamperini leads a group of boys in Bible study and prayer, 1955.

Louis Zamperini leads a group of boys in Bible study and prayer, 1955.

The history of VICTORY BOYS' CAMPS

Celebrating 64 years providing inspiration, guidance and a path forward to at-risk youth, Victory Boys Camps continues its long and storied history, as Louis Zamperini Youth Ministries.

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